About Me

I’ve gone through a lot of different phases and stages in my life and until recently, each one of those phases required me to hold onto things that were not mine to carry, or wear masks that were hiding who I truly was.  Essentially, I was trying to fit into a world that I did not belong to; a world I didn’t even enjoy playing in! I was so scared of standing out that I did everything in my power to try and fit in.  Including giving away my power and abandoning who I was down to my core.  Those days are over now. 
Let me show you how I healed myself & can empower you to do the same.

I'm Meg! Ex-party girl turned booze-free babe.  First thing's first, I didn't quit drinking overnight. It took many failed attempts and in the end, a police intervention and an uninvited visit to the psych ward of the hospital, for me to finally realize that this "fun social activity", aka. consuming literal poison, actually had control over my life. And it had for many years.  Since that dark and beautiful day 16 months ago, I've utilized the power of breathwork, Reiki energy healing, essential oils, living water, self love, and nature to heal from burnout and bring peace back to my nervous system.  

Deep down, I had known for years that this toxic lifestyle was not serving my highest path, but had no idea how or where to begin turning things around.  After moving from the Alberta Prairies to beautiful British Columbia in 2020, I was catapulted into a spiritual awakening and healing journey that has miraculously changed my life path, has taught me to trust myself, and finally truly love myself for me.  

I believe that in your most natural state, your body can heal itself.  Think about it, our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, we need sunlight and nourishing food daily - we are basically houseplants with more complicated emotions! And your emotions (Energy in Motion) are signals, communicating to you to determine what gets to be looked at in yourself to achieve a deeper level of peace and healing. 

Over the past 2 years I have chosen to quit drinking alcohol, stopped smoking cigarettes and no longer use chemical drugs, pharmaceuticals, or toxic products in my home.  All together, these were the toughest and proudest accomplishments in my life to date. Now I'm not saying this is the path or the solution for everyone.  I do not believe that there is a one size fits all solution for anything.  I do however believe that what I have learned is very beneficial to some, and would like to share what might be helpful for others on a similar path to me.

I have invested in and found a number of modalities over the years to support me on this toxin-free journey.  I want to make this information accessible for those who feel called to it! We get to heal ourselves. 

I invite you to join me as I share some of my own modalities that have helped me stay on track and in alignment with my highest self and my soul's truth on this beautiful journey we call life.  


Online Business Mentorship

Change your water, change your life

Do you ever feel it in your bones? This deep knowing that you were made for something more? Me too.  That's your soul, calling out for purpose.  I felt it for years and tried to ignore it.  Until it couldn't be ignored any longer.  I spent all the time in university and then some, working at various corporate jobs trying to find some kind of work that felt fulfilling for my soul. I wanted a job that made me feel like I was living with purpose. Something that lit me all the way up.  and allowed me to help others.  Do you ever feel that way too?

One of the biggest blessings that ever came to me was being laid off from my corporate job in 2020.  It allowed me the freedom to step into a life of entrepreneurship, but I was still missing so many tools to actually embody the life I wanted to live.  After joining a multilevel marketing company, I felt more fulfilled but not totally in alignment with the sales model.  So I asked the universe for a sign, and I found high ticket sales and living water.  Automation.  Community.  Deep Cellular Hydration. 

This water was a major catalyst to my healing journey and this business community has helped me immensely shift my mindset, gain the confidence to step into a leadership role, and begin to share my gifts.  If you'd like to learn more about living water and the business opportunity that comes with it, follow this link to watch a 30 minute web class to see if it's right for you.  I'll be in touch from there to see if we would be aligned business partners.  Since we are made up of 60% water, don't you think the water that you consume matters?