Reiki + Oracle Reading - ARISE

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Remember your power. Choose self LOVE.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 111 Canadian dollars
  • Online Zoom Sessions

Service Description

Remember your power. Choose self LOVE. Reiki is life force energy that resides within all of us. We are all made up of energy. Get to know your own unique energy and feel more relaxed, empowered, confident and at home in your body. During this 90 minute session, the intention is to: -Rise up to reawaken your intuition & insight. -Move into self love & acceptance of all parts of self; mind ,body, spirit. -Feel your own unconditional love and reawaken your heart & soul. We will start with an introductory oracle card pull to open the session, discussing any surface level feelings, emotions or symptoms of dis-ease being experienced in the body. From there, we will move into some embodied breath & movement to activate your energy. Finally, you will settle into a comfortable position, usually laying down - blankets and pillows are encouraged, or anything for you to feel most comfortable. Suggestions for aromatic or topical essential oils will be provided if that feels supportive. You will receive 60 minutes of reiki targeting your chakras / energy centers, and any other areas discussed during the session opening. Upon closing the session, you will be invited to make time for yourself to meditate, journal, rest, and reflect on anything you may have felt or experienced during the session. Try not to over analyze and allow your mind to remain peaceful and calm. Make sure to hydrate. You will be provided with a follow up email containing any downloads or messages that came through in the session and you will have voice memo access for 48 hours afterwards to support anything that came up. Reiki has been known to pair well with and provide additional support to various other healing modalities. You will leave the session feeling more relaxed, rested, peaceful, calm, empowered, energized, elated & full of love and light. If you are feeling lost, alone, fearful, disempowered, overwhelmed, tired, anxious, or depressed, Reiki is for you. You don’t have to struggle and go through it alone. The power of reiki is here to transform your life. To help you remember your power. Heal yourself. In person options available in Squamish, BC for no additional charge.

Cancellation Policy

Feel like you need to reschedule? Please do so more than 24 hours in advance of our time together. Rescheduling in less than 24 hours, or cancelling will result in a loss of your investment in our time together. For this reason I suggest rescheduling in advance :)

Contact Details Squamish, BC, Canada