7 Tips to Managing Your Energy in these Crazy Times

I’m not sure how you’re feeling about the collective state of the world, but the energy feels pretty dense and heavy right now. As humans, we are made of matter, and all matter vibrates at various frequencies. We as humans also vibrate at different frequencies, and if we aren’t aware and paying attention to our energetic body we can unknowingly carry or project energy out onto the world.

  1. Ground Yourself - Connect with the earth. Whenever possible, I invite you to connect your bare feet and hands with the bare and natural surface of mother earth. The transfer of electromagnetic energy through the body and the earth over time has been known to have balancing and healing effects when practiced consistently. I invite you to give it a try and let me know how you feel afterwards!

  2. Tune In - Connect with your highest self. Silent meditation is a great way to get out of your thoughts and into your body. When starting out, it can feel difficult and hard to focus. Remember, there is no wrong way to meditate, and practice makes perfect - even though perfection itself is a myth ;) I invite you to set your alarm 5 minutes early tomorrow, wake up and sit in meditation for 5 minutes of silence. Notice if anything throughout the day changes from that little morning shift.

  3. Trust Your Intuition - Listen to your body and it’s inner knowing. We are intuitive beings. Not everything in this world needs or has a logical explanation. There is magic in the unknown and the not knowing. Do you ever get a feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is off? We get to trust those feelings without over analyzing or doubting ourselves. Our intuition is a defence mechanism that often is there to keep women safe from harm. If the energy about a person or thing feels off, that feeling is all you need to trust. We get to trust ourselves first and foremost.

  4. Protect Your Energy - We are all responsible for managing our own energy. People and situations can feel triggering for sure, but what we choose to engage with is up to us. Don’t give your energy away to things that you don’t deem worth your energy in the first place. This one can feel easier said than done, but don’t let people or things take your power away; you choose what to engage with and what and how you show up with your energy. You get to decide!

  5. Be Responsible and Accountable for Your Energy - There are triggers all around us and how we choose to respond to situations is entirely up to us. Notice if you are reacting to the triggers or choosing how you respond to situations in your life. Are you unknowingly projecting fear or are you leading from your heart space and from a place of love?

  6. Nature Therapy! - Get outside and connect with nature and the elements! Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ether. Each one has its own unique healing power. Over time, our society has collectively developed a disconnection from mother nature. Mama gaia herself is self-sustaining. And so are humans! We are all made of energy and the power of nature can be so healing and restorative. Always offer thanks and give back an offer to the earth when connecting with her to heal, remember to practice gratitude.

  7. Practice Energetic Cleansing throughout your day - Water is the most cleansing of the elements and a shower or bath is a great way to offer cleansing of your energy. Although not all of us are able to shower or bathe in the middle of every day, we can practice what is called energetic cleansing! Picture a waterfall of golden sparkly energy running down your body and washing away any energy that is not yours. Picture the golden waterfall washing away anything that is no longer meant for you and feel your energetic body feeling lighter. Feel free to give your hands and body a little shake to shake off any leftover dense energy.

So why should your own personal energy management be your top priority right now? When you are aware of your own energy and the effect that it has on other people and the world around you, you can be more accountable for how you show up in the world and focus on the impact that you make and leave on those around you. There seems to be a lot of heaviness and darkness out in the world right now and it doesn’t have to stay that way. We can each become our own JOY dealer and spread love and light with those around us. In order to do that tho, we first need to check our overall energy and take responsibility for ownership and management of our energy going forward!

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